Sex Worker Storms Loyal Customer’s Funeral To Twerk On His Corpse


A viral video which has caught the attention of many social media users shows a sex worker twerking on the corpse of her loyal customer.

In this video, the sex worker who was in a sad mood but had no other option than to give her customer one nice feel for the last time sat on his corpse placed inside the coffin and begin to twerk for him.

She twerk on his body and later moved to place her butts on his face.

Surprinsingly, the deceased’s family was very happy and cheered the ldy on to continue wit what she was doing.

This video has received mixed reactions from social media users who have come across the video on their timelines.

Some have shared the notion that the klady shouldn’t have been allowed to disrespcet the dcased in such a manner.

Others also find no fault with the video and seem happy with what the lady did.

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