Shakira Accused Of 'Internalised Misogyny' After Taking A Swipe At Her Ex Gerard Pique's New Girlfriend By Saying He 'Traded A Rolex For A Casio'


Shakira has been accused of 'internalised misogyny' for taking a swipe at her ex Gerard Pique's new girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti in her new song.

The Colombian singer, 45, collaborated with producer Bizarrap on a brand new track, Shakira Bzrp Music Sessions 53, which was released in Spanish on Wednesday. 

In the song, the singer-songwriter sings: 'I'm worth two 22's. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio.' 

She made it crystal clear she is referring to the 23-year-old, her former partner is rumoured to have started dating last year before their split. 

Shakira and Gerard announced their split after 11 years together in June and they share two sons - Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven - together. 


But her new lyrics have caused some backlash with many accusing her of internalised misogyny - while others say she is only doing what all male artists do in their songs.


One said: 'The new Shakira song screams internalised misogyny and a bitter divorcee. let it go woman.' 


Another who shared an article about the song said: 'Really, Shakira? #misogyny.'

Someone else wrote: 'Shakira objectifies and objectifies herself by denigrating her ex's new partner under the phrase 'change a Rolex for a Casio'. We are humans not objects. There is nothing empowering in being mean to another woman. You have to know how to leave.'


Another continued referring to Clara: 'A woman who has the right to be with whoever she wants because people don't belong to anyone.'


However, others defended her for speaking out, as one Tweeted: 'What is happening with Session 53 of Bzrp and Shakira only shows that there is still a level of misogyny, of those who prefer that a woman carry out her process in silence and without bothering anyone.'


Another said: 'Human artistic creation has always been nourished by one's own experiences (especially the bad ones)!'


In an apparent brutal dig at the former Manchester United and Barcelona defender, Shakira sings: 'A lot of gyms. But work your brain a little bit too.'

Shakira makes another clear allusion to Clara with the lyrics: 'She's got the name of a good person. Clearly is not how it sounds.

'Clearly' in English translates as 'Claramente' in Spanish, clearly referencing Clara, as one fan pointed out.


Elsewhere Shakira, who is facing a £12 million tax fraud trial in Spain, sings: 'You left me the mother-in-law as a neighbour. With the press at my door and a debt with the taxman.


'You thought you'd hurt me and I came back stronger. Women don't cry any more, women invoice.'

Another part of the song says: 'From love to hate there's only one step' before Shakira adds: 'No hard feelings baby, I wish you the best with my supposed replacement.'

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