Side Chick Flashes Boobs As Main Chick Stroms Bf's House With Friends To Beat Her | WATCH

A viral video which has received mixed reactions from social media users captures the moment a lady stormed her boyfriend’s house with her friends to physically assault his side chick.

In the video, the lady together with her friends can be seen with canes brutally lashing the side chick after removing her shirt and exposing the upper part of her body.

Commentary surrounding the video reports that the lady was given a tip-off by her boyfriend’s flatmate that he has brought in another woman in her absence.

Upon receiving the information, she gathered a few of her friends plus canes and rushed to her boyfriend’s house to mercilessly deal with the lady who wants to ruin her relationship.

A follow-up report also alleges that the crime has been reported to the police and investigations into the issue have commenced.

Watch the video below:

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