Side Chick Who Sued First Atlantic Bank CFO Speaks


Deborah Adablah’s suit against First Atlantic Bank and one Ernest Nimako identified as Chief Finance Officer of the bank is full of interesting claims, but also curious demands.

Deborah Seyram Adablah claims in the suit filed at the Accra High Court that she was a national service personnel at the bank a few years ago, but after pressure by Nimako to have sex with her she gave in.

She said they later started a romantic relationship until demands for unnatural carnal knowledge from her former boss and lover strained their relationship.

According to her, the top hierarchy of the bank knew about her amorous relationship with the CFO of First Atlantic Bank but did nothing to stop it.

Furthermore, she alleged that the bank has even taken active part in using her and other junior female staff of the bank to bait wealthy businessmen to open accounts with the popular bank.

Although Mr Ernest Nimako is yet to officially comment on the issue but Debby has refused to keep mute despite suing the banker.

In a series of posts she shared on her WhatsApp status, she claimed that her lawyers invited Mr Nimako for the matter to be settled amicably but his ego prevented him from bending to their rules.

She also officially wrote to him to reconsider his decision of refusing to meet the full demands of their affair but he ignored and saw her as an empty loudmouth.

Initially, Mr Nimako assumed that she only wanted to blackmail him not knowing that she had advanced plans behind the scenes to show him ‘pepper’.

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