Student Physically Assaults Teacher In Front Of Her Entire Class


A brawl between a student and her teacher in class at an unnamed school in the United States of America has been captured in a video going viral on social media.

One of the students who witnessed the attack took to Twitter to share footage of the encounter showing the student verbally attacking her teacher while putting herself in front of the teacher’s face.

The teacher, named Ms. Turner, ignored the student while making a phone call about the girl’s behaviour but the girl pushes the teacher’s hand, dropping her phone to the ground.

The girl went after the teacher who walked out of the class and tries to bang the door behind her. As the teacher tries to return to the class, the girl physically attacks the teacher and the teacher tries to defend herself by holding the student off.

This soon escalates to a full-blown fight. Another video shows the teacher and the student fighting on the floor.

It ended with the teacher being carried away on a stretcher after she suffered a broken knee.

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