‘Suspend The Construction Of The National Cathedral” : Duncan Williams, Eastwood Anaba


Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and Rev Eastwood Anaba, two of the members of the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral, have called for its suspension.

According to the two, the call for the suspension pf the construction of the religious edifice stemmed out from the controversies surrounding the project.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams and Rev Eastwood Anaba stated that the suspension would not only pave the way for transparency but also ensure proper accountability.

They demanded an independent audit of the project’s expenses in a memo they addressed to the board of trustees on Monday, January 23.

“That in the spirit and cause of transparency and accountability to the Ghanaian people, the current Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral shall appoint an independent, nationally recognized accounting firm to audit all public funds contributed to and spent by the National Cathedral.” 

“Auditors will also audit the overall cost of the project.” “This appointment of an auditor shall take place before the deferment of activities of the Board of Trustees,” excerpts of the memo said. 

“Those current activities advancing the construction of Ghana’s National Cathedral shall be deferred until the atmospherics in Ghana are improved and the audit of the Cathedral account is done,” excerpts of the memo added.

The concern of the two comes immediately days after Lighthouse Chapel founder Dag Heward-Mills resigned from the Board of Trustees of the National Cathedral.

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