UPSA Lady Shuns Longtime Boyfriend For A Final Year Student Who Owns A Benz

It is one of those things we hear of every day. The female gender is just not stable and unpredictable. They move along with the flow they are greeted with, unlike men.

In yet another funny story that has caught attention on Twitter, a guy who apparently gained admission to 3 of Ghana’s prestigious Universities; Legon, KNUST and UCC dropped to follow his girlfriend.

He instead, followed his SHS girlfriend who had gained admission to the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) to continue their love affair. Obviously, the guy couldn’t afford a distant relationship.

Little did he know that his decision would land him in a bigger mess. According to Twilight, who shared this hilarious story, just one first week at the University (UPSA Campus), the lady left him for a final-year student.

So the lady shunned the guy (who ignored going to any of the 3 Universities) to date a Level 400 guy who owns a Benz.

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