Video Of SHS Girls Practising Doggy Style Inside The Dormitory Hits Online


Gradually, good morals are fading away from the lives of our dear Senior High School girls. This new crop of High School students is perverts as their minds are full of sexual things.

Instead of them concentrating on their books and studying which is the primary and core reason for their stay on campus, some of these underage girls discuss adult content.

It’s sickening and sad. Most of the stories that break the news from the SHS camps are nothing to write home about. Who is to blame? The parents, teachers or the students themselves?

Well, another shocking video of some SHS girls has found its way to the internet and already it has started spreading like wildfire.

The video captures some SHS girls practising doggy style in the dormitory and as well sharing the experiences they’ve had with boyfriends who have tried that sexual position on them.

In the disturbing video, these young girls in a gathering in turns demonstrated various versions of the doggy style in turns. The rest were heard laughing at the back in approval of what was going on.

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