“We Use 4.5 Billion To Repair A Bulldozer” : DCE Goofs In Trending Video


The District Chief Executive of the Ayensuano District has implicated herself by stating that $4.5 billion was used to repair a bulldozer.

Although a new bulldozer would have cost $2 billion, she believes it was worthwhile to spend $4.5 billion to repair the old one.

“It is worth it that we used over $4.5 billion to repair this machine so it could get back to work on the road.” “A new bulldozer costs $2 billion, but we are glad we used $4.5 billion to repair it,” she said in the trending video.

Due to the disparity in the numbers, the DCE has been called out for being corrupt. While some believe she made a mistake, others believe she actually issued public funds.

She is being summoned amidst social media agitation to explain the numbers she mentioned and provide clarification on whether she meant that she spent 4.5 billion to repair a bulldozer or not.

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