Wife Posts Pictures Of Lady She Caught Sleeping With Her Husband Online


 A Ghanaian wife has launched a campaign to disgrace the last she caught sleeping with her husband inside their matrimonial home.

According to this wife who is trying to protect her family, this side check is hell-bent on breaking her home.

Because even if she wants to sleep with her husband, she should have opted for a hotel or a guest house but she had the guts to come to her matrimonial home to sexually please herself.

As lamented by the wife, ever since this lady came into her husband’s life, he has been spending lavishly on her whiles ignoring his family.

She threatened to curse her to death if she doesn’t stay away from her hubby and find her own man since she wants to be unfortunate.

The lady who was caught on sleeping with a married man is identified on Facebook as Nana Akua.

Take a look at the screenshot below:

Secretly many women may admit that there can be a specific allure about a man who is married.

No one likes to hear it (least of all the married women of the world), but when you juxtapose a married man and a single man, the perceived value of the married man may come out on top.

And this is what this is about in the end: perceived value.

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