“You’re Wicked” : Retired Police Officer Fires Akufo-Addo


A retired police officer has taken to social media to cry over his investment, which has been locked up due to the government’s debt recovery policy.

The government has announced the restructuring of Ghana’s domestic debt by using the monies of investors to fend off the debts and pay them back after 10–15 years.

This move will make it almost impossible for investors to recoup their money in Treasury bills, bonds, etc.

On the back of that grim news, the retired police officer has called out President Akufo-Addo for putting Ghanaians in an obscure situation where their monies would virtually be used to pay Ghana’s domestic debt.

In a viral video, the police officer not only blamed the government for its incompetence in managing the economy but also cried out over the fact that he could not get his money after his investment matures later this year.

“After all my years of toil, you have decided not to give me back my money?” “My own president is now almost an armed robber robbing me of my money.”“You spend lavishly on private jet trips and appointed an elephant government. Which of my investments should suffer because of your incompetence?” Franklin Nartey, ASP RTD, was questioned.

Watch The Video below:

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