11-Year-Old Girl Kills Herself On Her Mother’s Birthday As A Birthday Present

It’s sad how some parents leave scars on the hearts of their kids unaware due to some of the words they utter to them.

Did you know that the words you say to your kids go a long way to affect them in the future? That’s why it’s necessary to speak well to them regardless.

A story making the waves that have got people crying their hearts out is about an 11-year-old girl who has taken her life.

The girl, according to the story, killed herself at her mother’s birthday as a surprise birthday present for her.

The story has it that the 11-year-old girl who had harboured pain in her heart for years as a result of her mother’s utterance at her decided to end it all to give her the joy she yearned for.

Per the narration, the mother since the birth of the girl tells her she has been a pain in her life and nothing good has come up ever since she was born.

Hurt by these constant negative and bitter comments for years, the 11-year-old girl finally had plans of ending her life.

She waited for her mother’s special day which was her birthday to execute her plan and give her an everlasting painful memory, killing herself as a birthday gift.

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