Archipalago And Yvonne Exchange Kisses Publicly During Lovey-Dovey Moment


Archipalago and Yvonne Nelson’s recent lovey-dovey moment has sparked controversy on social media.

Considering the fact that they confessed their love for each other and went on to exchange kisses,

Yvonne Nelson, who is a mother of one, expressed her liking for the US-based Ghanaian musician when the two met.

According to Archipalago, he loves Yvonne Nelson so much. He went on to request a kiss, which the actress initially declined.

“I can only give you a perk,” Yvonne Nelson said, and Archipalago rushed to hold her chin and plant a kiss on her cheeks.

The camaraderie between Archipalago and Yvonne Nelson was admiring, as according to them, they have known each other for years and have always been good friends. 

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