College Of Education Lecturer Impregnates Female Student

A level 300 student of one of the Teacher Training colleges in the country has anonymously made a shocking confession on the internet, leaving many social media users in shock.

According to this 24-year-old lady who is now left in a severe state of dilemma, she’s dating two lectures simultaneously and has gotten pregnant in the process.

She knows the rightful owner of the pregnancy but she wants to extort money from the two lecturers she’s dating to save up for her NSS.

She has confronted the owner of the pregnancy whom she has already done 4 abortions and he insists she terminates this 5th pregnancy also because he’s not ready to have another child outside his marriage.

As claimed by the lady in her anonymous confession, she’s tired of the numerous abortions and now wants to give birth but her lecturer who is the owner of the pregnancy is much more concerned about his reputation, and family.

Now her main problem is; The lecturer who got her pregnant has threatened to drop her sex tapes on social media if she dares confronts his wife of tell anyone about their affair.

The second lecturer she’s dating has also gotten information beforehand that she’s dating one of his colleagues and gotten pregnant for him hence he has stopped taking care of her.

As admitted by the lady in her writeup, it’s true she has sex tapes with the rightful owner of the pregnancy and just last Tuesday, he sent her some edited ones with his face covered revealing only her identity.

The lady is also a pastor’s daughter and she doesn’t know whether to tell her parents about the issue or not.

Read the screenshots below:

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