Drake Claims One Piece Of His Wardrobe Is Worth More Than $10 Million

Drake is known for his top-dollar wardrobe but the Canadian rapper has said that his outfit in a recent video was worth eight figures.

The 36-year-old has had numerous iconic looks over the years as the R&B star and rapper, including his famed red puffer-jacket in music video Hotline Bling in addition to the various UK football shirts and to his beloved Toronto Raptors where he is regularly seen courtside at the NBA outfit.

He is often in high-end clothing when snapped during his daily errands but he stepped it up a notch when he spoke to a popular TikTok influencer on Friday.

n a 'How Much Does Your Fit Cost' interview with Chris Smoove, Drake gave a breakdown of his attire which will make your eyes water at the sight of his 'cheaper' items.

Smoove started from the top as he asked the four-time Grammy Award winner how much his glasses cost. Drake replied: "The glasses are Thom Browne. I don't really know how much they are. I lost them like 10 times."

He had more an estimate for his earrings he was wearing, which he said were "like $600 each". With more than $1,000 already spent, Smoove noticed his expensive-looking chain.

"I see that chain," the influencer said before Drake casually requested "you should probably save that for last" before a chorus of delirium echoed from the small crowd in the background.

His red and white 'old Jack Hamilton' jacket was valued at "probably four bills or something" as the was his cashmere shire from Bottega. Four bills is $400.

Drake could not put a price on the trousers which he claimed he designed and coupled with Loewe boots, which are retailed at over $1,000.

However, Drake, also known as Champagne Papi, lived up to his moniker when he revealed the value of his chain.

"Honestly. I'm embarrassed to say it but probably nine or... Over 10 m's for sure."

After casually admitting that he spent over $10 million on a chain, fans flocked to the comment section on the TikTok video, which collated over 7.1 million views and more than 1.2 million likes.

One person joked: "Bro almost fainted when he heard the price of the chain," followed by a crying laughing face emoji.

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