Ejuraman Anglican Senior High School Dining Hall Collapses On Students


Forty students of Ejuraman Anglican senior high school in the Ashanti region have sustained injuries after a makeshift dining structure collapsed on them.

Five students have suffered multiple fractures and are under intensive care and the injuries of the remaining students are being managed by medics on campus.

The incident occurred Monday evening after a rainfall.

The Ejura-Sekyeredumasi Municipal Fire Commander, Isaac Adu Yaw, suspects some structures were weakened by torrential rain in the area last Friday.

“To avoid any interference over there we have cordoned the place. We don’t want anyone to go there until further investigations to find the cause of the disaster and make recommendations. But so far we have recorded 40 people who have been injured.

“Five of them have had multiple fractures and are receiving intensive care treatment. The injuries of the 35 are being managed, so everything is under control.

“The health workers are doing their utmost best to ensure everyone is safe,” he said

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