Ex-Wife Of Eugene Arhin Allegedly Arrested

Information in town has that Gloria Assan, the ex-wife of Eugene Arhin, the director of communication at the Presidency, has been arrested for allegedly shielding the crimes of her house help.

A source revealed that the daughter of the politician reported to him that the house boy in her mother’s house has been sexually abusing her.

According to the little girl, this always happens when her mother is out of the house adding that the last time it even happened the house boy had sex with her from 1 am to 4 am when her mother was allegedly having fun in a club.

The little girl continued that this always happens when she is hungry and goes to him for food.

“When we are hungry.. he will do that to me before giving us food”, the little girl told her dad.

Eugene Arhin who was shocked quickly reported the matter to the police who also invited Gloria to inform her about what her daughter had said.

Gloria in reacting to the story at the police station denied the story alleging that her daughter has been coached by her ex-husband so he could take full custody of her.

It said a test was conducted at the hospital and it confirmed that the girl has been sexually abused.

The houseboy was arrested by the police but his madam Gloria Assan went to the police station to bail him out.

See the screenshot below:

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