'I Told Michael Douglas I'd Like To F**k Him!' : Actress Evangeline Lilly Reveals An Awkward Moment With The Veteran Actor


Canadian actress, Evangeline Lilly has revealed an awkward moment she candidly told Michael Douglas she wanted to 'f**k' him.

Speaking on this week's upcoming episode of The Jonathan Ross show, the actress, 43, recalled a moment on set where she told the veteran actor, 78, and Michelle Pfeiffer, 64, they were 'GILFs'.

The trio star together in the recently-released Marvel film, Ant-Man And The Wasp: Quantumania, featuring an all-star cast including familiar faces Michael and Michelle, along with new Marvel stars Bill Murray and Kathryn Newton.

But revealing the on-set antics, Evangeline spoke about a particular day of filming which left her shocked.

She said: 'There was this day on set, we were doing a scene in a restaurant and we were in a waiting room, so they filmed the waiting room with extras and there were children.

'I turned to Michael and Michelle and I said, "You know, you guys are real GILFs."


'Michael had no idea. He said, "What's a GILF?" Instead of being cool about it, in front of a room full of children I went, "It's a grandpa I'd like to f**k."


'And then immediately realised I'd told Michael Douglas I'd like to f**k him, which is not what you should say in front of a bunch of kids, oops!'

The term GILF stems from MILF (mother I'd like to f**k), which was widely popularised in the 90s film American Pie.


Jennifer Coolidge, who played the infamous role of Stiffler's Mom, was handed the first use by her teen son's classmate, much to his horror.


But making clear her up-most respect for the actors, she boasted: 'I got to be in a scene with the three of them on my 42nd birthday.


‘’They're so cool. You don't want to meet your icons because you're afraid they're going to disappoint and the three of them are cooler than you think they are. They're amazing.' she added


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