I’m The Reason Christian Atsu’s Body Was Found : Prophet Seer Claims


A young Ghanaian man of God named Prophet Seer – Has claimed that he’s the one who spiritually worked behind the scenes with some angels to pull Christian Atsu’s body out of the rubble.

After the 12 days of rigorous search spearheaded by the Turkish rescue team and TTK miners.

Speaking in a phone-in interview with GHpage’s Rashad on Rash Hour, Prophet Seer who had earlier alleged he saved Christian Atsu from the quake two days after the disaster made a sharp U-Turn and claimed the player had already died before he spiritually got to Turkey.

According to Prophet Seer, the witches and wizards from the player’s family had hidden his body under the wreckage and that was why it took long for him to be found which shouldn’t have been the case.

In the course of the interview, Prophet Seer additionally professed that he was aware the player was going to die prior to the report of Atsu’s death because he had already seen the unfortunate incident in the spiritual realms.

Prophet Seer bragged that he had been hinted about the earthquake in the spiritual realm and how Atsu was going to perish after the natural disaster but he had to keep mute because of the IGP’s strong directive against doom prophecies.

In the latter part of the interview, Prophet Seer also warned Ghanaians of an impending fire outbreak which will destroy a lot of things incusing the flagstaff house, police stations and the houses of some notable politicians.

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