KNUST Student Who Left School To Chill With Her Boyfriend Dies


A 22-year-old level 300 KNUST student Aichaa Leticia has been confirmed dead after being involved in a gory accident in Accra.

According to reports which are currently making waves on social media, Aichaa Leticia left school to go and chill with her boyfriend in Accra.

The rumours also claim that her boyfriend just returned from Accra and he invited her over to Accra to treat her to a lavish life before he travels back to Dubai where he currently resides and works.

During one of their outings last Sunday, they were involved in a gory accident with the guy’s BMW.

Shockingly, Leticia was the only one who died in the accident although there were 3 other guys in the car including her boyfriend.

Social media users who seem to know more about the story have accused Leticia’s boyfriend of using her for rituals.

The reason behind these allegations stems from the fact that only Leticia died in the accident.

Some have even alleged that Leticia was killed before the accident and the car crash was just a veil to hide the evil deed.

Currently, Tiktok and Snapchat are filled with #RIPLeticia as friends of the beautiful lady are still in complete shock over the news of her death.

Watch the video below:

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