Kojo Jones Wants To Be NDC MP For KubiLive's Home, Keta

Ghanaian business magnate and socialite Emmanuel Kojo Jones Mensah has picked up his nomination forms after announcing his plan to run in the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Kojo Jones made a social media post outlining his reasons for wanting to serve the Keta Constituency, which is currently being represented by Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpey of the same party.

The business tycoon, whose wedding caused a sensation in Ghana sometime in 2022, is expected to make the race for tight for his contenders in a constituency considered an NDC stronghold.

Even before the contest, Kojo Jones had started embarking on some developmental projects, such as the construction of bridges in the constituency.

He made the big announcement with the following message:

I have officially picked up nomination forms to contest the upcoming NDC Parliamentary Primaries in Keta slated for May 13.

In coming to the decision to enter the parliamentary race. I have taken cognisance of the current state of underdevelopment, alarming poverty levels, youth unemployment, falling educational standards and general decadence of Keta Constituency to which there is the urgent need for a paradigm shift.

Extensive consultations with key stakeholders of Keta constituency both home and abroad as well as with some NDC branch executives provided a very clear path that our area must be strategic with leadership.

Keta Constituency is the spiritual home of the National Democratic Congress where its Founder, the late Jerry John Rawlings hails from. It is also a significant part of the “World Bank” description of the Volta Region where traditional bulk of votes aggregates originate for the NDC.

It belies the fact that serious, strategic and transformational leadership must always come from Keta Constituency to lift it and the entire Anlo State onto a path of success and development. The vast abundance of natural resources such as a 300 km squared lagoon, hydrocarbons, sea and marine life, arable lands coupled with rich colonial and traditional cultural heritage has greatly inspired the prospects of Keta Constituency. I am offering myself as a servant leader focused on impacting humanity.

As a dedicated member of the NDC, I am duty bound to contribute my quota to the upliftment of the lives of my people and to bring true development to the good people of Keta.To all loved ones, sympathizers and supporters of Efo Kojo, we appeal to all of you to remain focused on the agenda to effect change in Keta.

Dr. Jones-Mensah’s trinity agenda of UNITY, DEVELOPMENT & WELFARE for Keta Constituency cannot be dislodged because our team is the victorious one perfected by the handiwork of Almighty God.

The victory of the NDC is coming again! Eye Zu Eye Za #GodGiveth

0 fO Kojo Jones

#Godgiveth #KJMKeta24

Kojo Jones is the CEO and Founder of the Empire, a conglomerate, which comprises various businesses in various sectors: Empire Concrete Ltd, Empire Domus Ltd, Dominion International Petroleum Ltd, KJM
Trading Ltd and Kingscrown Media.

After successfully acquiring a Bachelor of Laws in Business Law in 2011, he further pursued a Master of Business Administration in 2012 at Coventry University in the UK where he specialized in Oil and Gas Management.


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