Lady Calls Out Her Best Friend For Snatching Her Baby Daddy From Her


Your enemy is closer than you can ever imagine – It’s a terrible thing to get stabbed by two of your favourite people with your best knife.

A South African lady named Munira Mudi has called out her best friend for snatching her baby daddy from her.

As painfully disclosed by Munira, the lady she assumed was her best friend all this long while was envious of her affair with her baby daddy.

Sharing the sad story on social media which is a lesson to all of us to be careful of the people we address as friends – Munira revealed how her so-called best friend flew all the way to Capetown to surprise her during her baby shower.

After the baby shower, she introduced her to her baby daddy and they later went on lunch together – And that was the beginning of the end of her beautiful relationship.

Her best friend secretly took her baby daddy’s number and started texting him.

They started a secret affair behind her back in 2019 and made their amorous relationship open just last month.

Get to know more about this sad story from the Twitter thread below.

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