Lady Rushes Out Of The Bathroom After Her Boyfriend Took Her Phone To Read Her Chats

In this world, both genders are full of surprises when it comes to matters concerning cheating.

One thing that has been a problem in most relationships is both parties trying to have access to each other’s phones to see what they are up to or who they chat with.

Mostly this ends up in them fighting and to some extent leads to a breakup.

A video going viral on social media shows a lady who rushed out of the bathroom unclad simply because her boyfriend had taken her phone.

From the video sighted on social media, the lady was pleading with him not to go through her phone because she didn’t want him to see some stuff on her phone.

The boyfriend was also adamant and refused to give the phone back to her and told her he wanted to see what was on the phone she was desperate to prevent him from seeing it and asked her whether she was cheating on him.

The lady who was now just wearing a short skirt told him that he friends had sent their nudes to her and it wouldn’t be nice for him to see her friends’ naked photos on her phone.

When the boyfriend failed to listen to her, she then turned the case on the boyfriend saying he has feelings for her friend but didn’t want to tell her.

Watch the video below.

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