Man Catches His Girlfriend In The Hotel With Another Man


There are many fishes inside the river and there are many rivers to cross! No one should cry over love because no one owes us, love.

A man was reduced to tears after he caught his fiancee and her second lover inside the hotel.

Apparently, the man had been monitoring his lover’s movements for some time and realised that something was off hence he decided to stalk her.

Lo and behold, his fears become a reality as he found his lover and his new boyfriend about to take the elevator in a hotel to their booked room.

Watching the video, one can tell that the heartbroken man was visibly agitated and tried to slap his lover but later restrained himself.

Stepping in to quell the commotion, the manager asked them to take their business outside.

The man who couldn’t do anything broke down in tears on the shoulder of another man who cried to calm him down.

Watch the video below:

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