Nigel Gaisie Prophecied About Earthquakes In Turkey And Syria


The world is still counting the loss following the earthquake that happened in Turkey a few days ago.

Ghanaians on the other hand are on their knees praying for the survival of former Blackstar player Christian Atsu who is said to be trapped under the rumbles and yet to be rescued.

Despite the sad news, Prophet Nigel Gaisie is trending after a video of him prophesying about the incident months ago got shared on social media.

In the video, Prophet Nigel Gaisie was preaching to his congregation when he asked them and others to pray because he has seen a landfall spreading across nations.

Sharing the video on his official handle, he captioned it: ” Press-Play….Turkey EarthquakesFor those who always attack prophets and the prophetic,lets rethink AGAINThe Prophet of God,was clear by inspiration of the holy ghost thus * i see buildings fall(In Twi)He again mentioned Nation smeaging a foreign country *…God indeed STILL SPEAKS…(1Cor13v9)PNG.”

Watch the video below:

Nigel Gaisie is noted for giving out accurate prophecies but some netizens are of the view that he only says those things just to remain relevant in the system. 

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