Scary Moment Family Discovers Two Large Pythons In The Ceiling Of Thier House | WATCH


A chilling video showing the moment two pythons were discovered in a family home in Malaysia has stirred reactions after going viral.

The large non-venomous snakes, capable of reaching 23 feet or more in length, were seemingly mating in the plywood board ceiling of the house when they were noticed.

Occupants of the building called on the Malaysia Civil Defence Force, popularly known as APM, who then moved in swiftly to remove the reptiles from their danger-posing habitat.

During the rescue operation, one of the emergency workers poked the board ceiling with a rod which caused it to break apart and plunged the snakes to a low height.

The sight of the large snakes exposed in their full glory triggered horrific screams from onlookers as emergency workers strike precautiously to handle the situation

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