Turkey Earthquake: Christian Atsu Reportedly In Coma

Following the CCTV footage which confirmed Christian Atsu survived the first earthquake and moved out of the Renaissance building before its total collapse – The player’s team management has launched an aggressive campaign to find him by all means.

Just two days ago, Hatayspor officials disclosed to the media that Christian Atsu managed to get out of the first earthquake at 4:17 am (6th February 2023) because he had not slept around that time.

He later ran to the parking garage to get his car out and it was during that period (20 minutes later) that the Renessaiance building totally collapsed following the second earthquake.

Presumably, it’s believed that Christian Atsu got affected by the second earthquake while he was on his way out of the Rnessinace building and got unconscious in the process.

As suggested by Hatayaspor officials who spoke to some newsmen just a few hours ago, they strongly believe Christian Atsu was rescued outside the Renssiance premises and was rushed to the hospital but has since remained unconscious.

Explaining why he’s still not found if he’s alive as suggested, the management stated that because he’s not popularly known in Turkey, even the doctors and nurses working on him might not aware that he’s the one they are searching for.

At the moment, 1000s of Christian Atsu’s pictures have been printed and distributed to all the hospitals in Turkey to speed up the search.

The team’s PRO has also urged Ghanaians and football lovers worldwide to disregard any news or reports of the player’s demise because there’s no truth in it.

This new report has once again brought a glimpse of hope to Ghanaians all over the world.

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