Turkish Authorities Confirm No Living Or Dead Person Can Be Taken Out Of Residence A1 Block Where Christian Atsu Is Trapped


The hope that Christian Atsu would be rescued alive has completely been shattered following this piece of very bad and unfortunate news.

Earlier yesterday, the rescue team confirmed to newsmen that their thermal camera have detected Christian Atsu’s room inside the Hataya Renesince building.

They later assured the family of the player and those of the others trapped under the rubble to speed up their work and possibly rescue them either alive or dead.

After over 9 hours of work, the rescue team has relayed this unpleasant report to the media that no living or dead person can be taken out of Residence A1 Block where Christian Atsu is trapped.

As explained by the rescue team, despite their tireless efforts, reality has dawned on them that there’s nothing more they can do to pull out the victims who are currently trapped under residence A 1 block of the Renaissance building.

This piece of news is very unwelcoming and I don’t want to imagine how the families of Atsu and the others are currently faring after receiving the piece of bleak report.

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