University Girl Takes Her Own Life After Boyfriend Dumps Her After Having Abortion For Him


A university student in Nigeria committed suicide after her boyfriend dumped her, despite the fact that she had an abortion for him.

According to reports, the unidentified student at Yaba College of Education (YABATECH) consumed a sharpshooter, a dangerous liquid. As a result of her breakup, there was a little uproar in the girls’ dorm.

After learning that a colleague had committed suicide, female students are seen assembling outside of their dorms in a video that has gone viral online.

According to what was learned, the woman became pregnant for her lover, had an abortion, and then he still ended the relationship.

The girl passed away in her hostel room an hour after taking the pills, according to a source who posted the information on social media.

The source said; “Girls, don’t act like who they claim we are Boys, don’t do what you can’t handle or control After doing abortion for a guy, and 1 female drank two snipers because the so-called boyfriend said he’s not doing again. Under one hour she died”

Check out video below:

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