Watch Deadly Revelation Made By A Spiritualist About Christian Atsu Sometime Ago


Just a week ago, reports went rife that Ghanaian footballer, Christian Atsu Twasam have been trapped under rubble after an earthquake in Turkey.

According to reports, Atsu who currently plays for the Turkish Süper Lig club Hatayspor was on the 9th floor of the collapsed building with 9 other players and 2 officials.

A few days after the news that Christian Atsu has been trapped was reported, a source claimed that the player has been rescued and was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment because he had sustained severe injuries.

Unfortunately, the report about the player’s rescue was false and Christian Atu hasn’t still been found but he’s believed to be alive despite staying under the rubble for 9 days without food and water.

Evidently, the matter is becoming very worrisome and torturous because no one, including members of the rescue team, has been able to give us a piece of well-detailed information about the player’s whereabouts.

Christian Atsu’s twin sister identified as Atsupie, confirmed that her brother is still missing and hasn’t been found.

She additionally affirmed the earlier reports that claimed that  Atu’s room has been detected as thermal cameras picked up heat signatures indicating many people are still alive in the wreckage.

In the later part of the interview, she urged Ghanaisn to keep praying for her brother because she strongly believes he’s still alive and would be rescued soon.

Well, in another twist a Spiritualist has come out with some heartbreaking revelations about Black Star’s Midfielder, Christian Atsu.

According to him, the player is no more counted among the living. He explained that in the spiritual realm is it confirmed that Atsu’s name has been handed over to the spirit of death.

The spiritualist sent out his condolence message to the player’s family and as well urged the public to disregard and news that he has been found alive.

He called on Christian Atsu’s family to focus on locating the body for burial if possible.

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