Ashaiman: Slain Soldier Was Stabbed After Struggling With Killers : Police


The police, as part of their investigations, have revealed that the military officer who died in Ashaiman was stabbed in the arm after he wrestled with his attackers who had attempted to rob him of some personal items.

According to the police, Imoro Sherrif, the deceased officer, resisted when his assailants wanted to make away with his phone and backpack causing one of them to pull a knife to stab him.

The robbers took his phone and fled, leaving the deceased with the knife stuck in his arm.

“Investigations further revealed that on 3rd March 2023, the deceased had visited a female friend at Ashaiman Newtown at about 10:30pm and left the place in the middle of the night at about 01:30am on the 4th of March 2023”, the police statement read in parts.

Pathologists after an autopsy have determined the main cause of death as exsanguination and laceration of major vessels in the left arm, which is consistent with having been stabbed.

These were contained in a police statement informing the public of the murder after its intelligence-based activities led to the arrest of six key individuals.

A backpack and a knife with blood stains were among the items the Crime Scene Team recovered.

One Samsung tablet, one apple laptop, one military uniform with the name tag “Imoro,” eight additional pieces of clothes, a Ghana card, and a Health Insurance card with the name Imoro Sherrif were all discovered by police inside the backpack.

Further investigations also showed that the primary suspects sold the phone to a person who later sold it to a different person who is now being evasive about the location of the phone by claiming to have resold it to someone else who also claims to have sold it to someone else.

The police are working with all of these suspects who have been detained to recover the phone.

All six suspects will be arraigned today, Monday, March 13, 2023.

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