Blac Chyna Claims She Lost '10lbs' After Having Silicone Injections Removed From Her Backside


Blac Chyna claimed she lost 10lbs after having all of the illegal silicone injections from her behind removed on March 9 during an eight-hour procedure.


Speaking in an interview with Access, the reality star,34,  said: 'You know how many CCs [cubic centimeters] I took out? 1,250 CCs . A two-liter Coke bottle all in my booty!'

Blac was only 19 years old when she had an unlicensed 'regular person' inject her rear end, which got 'super inflamed, really hard, and really hot.'


'It was very scary,' Chyna explained.


'They're giving whatever substance that they're doing and giving it to you. They're not gonna tell you, "Hey, you know, you could possibly die."'

Dr. Matlock told the outlet the 'physical dangers of getting illegal fillers are many' as patients 'can have infections, abscesses, sepsis - sepsis patients can die from that.'

Blac  Chyna has embarked on an epic make-under 'healing journey' by having all of her face fillers removed, her long manicure removed, and a Baphomet tattoo lasered off her left hip.

The born-again Christian, who was baptized on May 11 has even ditched her $19.99/month subscription OnlyFans account.

She also legally changed her name back to Angela White despite none of her social media reflecting the name change.


Blac Chyna is also mother to a 10-year-old son, King Cairo Stevenson from her three-year relationship with ex-fiancé - Grammy-nominated rapper Tyga - which ended in 2014. She is also a mother to six-year-old daughter Dream Renée from her on/off 11-month relationship with ex-fiancé - Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum Rob Kardashian - which ended in 2017.

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