Bobi Wine In Trouble With Ugandan Military For ‘Spreading Propaganda’

Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDC) has warned opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine against ‘spreading propaganda’. Ugandans have similarly been urged to desist from propaganda being spread by Bobi Wine.

UPDF’s warning are in response to claims by Bobi Wine that one of his supporters was recently adducted and tortured by the government’s security agencies.

In a statement, UPDF Spokesperson Felix Kulayigye said their investigations have revealed that these claims are a falsehood and the injuries on the said victim were stage-managed.

“Contrary to the torture narrative by the National Unity Platform (NUP), it has since been established that Mwesigwa Eric was lured into a deal by NUP and the wounds were inflicted on him by the same group after promising him monetary gains treatment with the sole purpose of maligning the government,” Kulayigye said.

The spokesperson also said for some time now, Ugandan security forces have noted persistent attempts by some political opposition groups to blackmail and demonize the government of President Yoweri Museveni over false allegations of torture by security agencies.

“These groups particularly the National Unity Platform (NUP) have over time made it a norm to parade people with bodily defects occasioned by normal accidents to masquerade as victims of torture inflicted on them by security personnel,” Kulayigye said.

“These evil schemes continue to be propagated through the mainstream and social media platforms and agitations for civil disobedience including the so-called Kunga and Tulumbe Campaigns, ” he added.

“Here’s what Gen Museveni’s thugs did to our comrade Mwesigwa Eric, who we’ve been looking for these past two weeks. They abducted him and tortured him asking what Bobi Wine and NUP are planning to do to overthrow the government,” he said.

However, the police responded by not only refuting these claims but also saying that the victim was later abandoned by the NUP party to fight for his life after sending their intended message out to the public.

“Unfortunately, NUP abandoned him with his wounds without treatment and pay. The Government is providing medical and psycho-socio support to Mwesigwa for a full recovery,” the police said.

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