Drake Says A Lot Of Rappers 'Wouldn't Be Here If It Wasn't For Me'

The 6 God took to Instagram to boast about his influence in the rap game. He shared a photo of himself hugging his dog with a caption that sounds like it was ripped straight from his next hit.

“A lot of them boys you entertain wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me so don’t forget to wish me a happy fathers day June 18th,” he wrote.

Drake has every reason to feel himself. He was ranked No. 8 on Billboard’s Greatest Rappers of All Time and has been called the GOAT by some of his famous friends including Michael B. Jordan and Jim Jones.

“I would say he’s the greatest of all time,” Jones told Complex. “The relevancy that he keeps showing, year after year, hit after hit, record after record. Any record that he’s put out has seemed to go multiple platinum. That never has happened before in this history.” 

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