Football Administrators In Ghana Are Hypocrites : Veronica Commey


Former Astute female sports journalist  Veronica  Commey has lashed out at football administrators in the country describing g them as hypocritical.

Her comment comes in the wake of many administrators accusing the current administration of not doing enough when it comes to the development of the sport.

The Kurt Okraku administration has come under criticism for running family and friends FA.

But speaking on Untoldstories TV GH, Veronica Commey insist those making noise are hypocritical because these are the same football people when they get the chance to change things they don't and rather turn back to cry to the public that all is not well.

"The football people have the final say, the football people will make a choice and cry behind the scene "

"They will call us behind the scene and tell you enk) yie but when they have the chance to make things better what kind of decisions do they make?

They are hypocritical and they don't want people who are upfront to tell them in the face but that's what they are"She told Untoldstories TV GH 

"They call you yo look for sponsorship for them, over the prize money, they complain about the way football is being run but these same people because of per diem will shelve all their troubles and travel work national teams and afterwards come crying all isn't well" Veronica  Commey added.

Watch the Full interview below

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