I Created The Most Popular Challenge From Ghana In 2022 : Feli Nuna

On the latest episode of Ameyaw TV One-on-one, Ghanaian singer Feli Nuna discusses her music journey with VJ Scaro.

The singer who’s been active in the music industry for nearly a decade narrated how she created the ‘most popular challenge’ from Ghana in 2022, following the release of her hit song ‘Towel’.

The challenge was huge and I dare say that was the most popular challenge from Ghana last year”.

The whole of last year Towel challenge was the most popular challenge and that’s what we artiste want to do. We want to put Ghana on the map” she said.

Feli stated that despite receiving harsh criticism from several Ghanaians for participating in the challenge in just a towel and encouraging others to do the same, she was unmoved by their criticism.

Me I focus on just the positives, I focus on people and utterances that push me, that inspire me, that encourage me I build a bubble for myself so the negative comments I don’t” she said.

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