I Now Need A Woman With A Good Attitude And Personality : Funny Face | Watch

Comic actor Funny Face has reconsidered the qualities he needs in any lady he would want to be in a relationship with after his experience.

The actor has for years been saying that he prefers a woman with a huge backside adding that when he sees ladies with huge backsides he losses his mind.

After getting married twice to women who are curvy and his ‘bitter’ experiences with them, he has declared that he is no more going to follow curvy women because he has realised that is not always about curves.

According to him, despite all the experiences he has had with ladies he is still not giving up on marriage but this time around he is not going to chase ladies with curves but rather one with a good personality.

Speaking with Berla Mundi, he mentioned that he made the decision to give love and marriage another opportunity since he is convinced that there are decent ladies out there who would be the ideal fit for him.

He continued by saying that there are still good ladies with curves and that his comment was not intended to disparage endowed women. The only thing he regrets is that in the past, he put appearance over character.

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