“I’ll Never Leave Ouna TV” : Nana Ama Mcbrown Claims


Nana Ama Mcbrown was officially unveiled as a new team member of ONUA TV yesterday in a very colourful welcoming ceremony.

The news of McBrown joining Onua TV caused a massive stir and threw social media into a frenzy with mixed reactions from her fans and followers alike.

While addressing her new colleagues and bosses who came to welcome her, Mcbrown claimed that she’ll never exit ONUA TV no matter what happens.

As categorically stated by Mcbrown, she will work at ONUA TV until the end of time hence her colleagues and bosses should be ready for her forever and ever affair with them.

Well, following these comments by Mcbrown, an old video has surfaced online – In which she said the same thing while still working at UTV.

In the old video, Mcbrown categorically stated that UTV is her home and nothing under the sun will make her exit the TV station.

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