I’ve Been Sleeping With My Cousin In Legon Since We Were Teenagers : KNUST Guy Shares Story

Scary and bizarre stories keep coming day-in-day-out. In yet another strange story a University Guy from KNUST is seeking help.

The guy, whose name is unknown, on the Jodel platform revealed that she used to have sex with his cousin when they were teenagers.

He disclosed that his cousin’s father passed away so she came to live with them (Him and his family) to continue life.

After a year of staying with them, he and the cousin started getting intimate and naughty.

The guy adds that they both started getting naughty and private at first by kissing and smooching each other.

Things went a bit higher as he finally found the courage and penetrated his then-virgin cousin and broke her virginity.

After their first sexual experience, they went on break and later bounced back dirtier and naughtier.

The guy, in the story, revealed that they continued to have sex to a point where he became fed-up and opted that they put a stop to that.

But his cousin didn’t subscribe to that idea as she loved the regular sex experience with him.

It has reached a point where he is fed up and wants to end their sexual relationship but the lady who is now in Legon is obsessed with him and doesn’t want things to end.


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