Lady Gaga Hints On Quitting Music After 15 Years

Lady Gaga has hinted she might disappear from the spotlight - explaining she prefers life away from the red carpet at home.

The 36-year-old pop sensation exploded onto the global stage back in 2008 with the release of her chart topping single Just Dance.

She then grabbed attention on red carpets around the globe by dressing in bizarre outfits - from dresses made from Kermit the Frog puppets to clothes made of meat.

All the while she continued to release pop tunes that sold millions of copies and segwayed into the world of acting by nabbing starring roles in movies and TV shows including A Star is Born and House of Gucci.

But Gaga says she prefers a slower pace of life these days - and wishes she knew that she didn’t have to be jumping for attention all the time like she was in her younger days.

She told Wallpaper magazine: "I’m interested in living more of a life of solitude.

"It's really nice to just have time to be alone, and be expansive, and know that you're enough. I wish I could tell my younger self that."

She said: “I actually don't spend a lot of time in Hollywood... I might look like I do, because sometimes award season happens and you see me on red carpets.

"I’m very much at home working . . . that’s the thing that really makes me happy."

Gaga will need to dust off her frocks, however, as she is tipped to appear at the 95th Academy Awards next weekend.

The star is nominated in the Best Original Song Oscar category for her track Hold My Hand from the box-office hit Top Gun: Maverick.

The Oscars will take place in Los Angeles next Sunday at the Dolby Theatre with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel presiding over events.

Action-drama Everything Everywhere All At Once stands to win the most awards having been nominated in 11 categories.

Iconic action star Michelle Yeoh is up for Best Actress for her role as Evelyn Quan Wang who explores a multiverse and attempts to save her family - and the world - from a dark power.

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