Manchester City Star, Kyle Walker Could Face Police Probe For Exposing Himself At The Bar And Kissing Woman Who Is Not His Wife' | Photos

England footballer Kyle Walker is likely going to face a police probe for pulling down his trousers to flash at a bar and fondling a blonde woman's breasts before kissing her.

The Manchester City defender, 32, appears to grind behind the woman, who was not his wife Annie Kilner, 30, while at the Manchester venue, which he arrived at with male friends at 5.20pm on Sunday March 5, after they had some drinks. 

Punters on a night out were reportedly shocked by the horrific behaviour which went on for around 90 minutes until 7pm.

And Kyle Walker may face a police probe after he was reportedly caught on camera exposing himself at the bar.

The drunken footballer appeared to drop his tracksuit bottoms and revealing himself near drinkers in the bar in footage seen by the Sun.

In response, one of the two women in his group screamed and pointed as Walker laughed with a friend.

The England and Man City football star then appears to expose himself again after just a few minutes - and only a few feet away from two other women sitting in a booth at the bar, according to the Sun's report.

He is then said to have walked over to shake their hands and say hello.

Walker's disgusting behaviour came a day after his and Man City's 2-0 victory against Newcastle United on Saturday.

The footballer - who earns £150,000 per week was noticeably drunk when he turned up at the Manchester bar with two blonde women and male friends at around 5.20pm on Sunday in a blacked-out minibus run by the firm that Man City uses.

Walker reportedly appeared unsteady on his feet as he made his way to the bar with one of the women. He appeared to then paw at her breasts from behind.

He spent around an hour and a half drinking and dancing with his friends before leaving in the minibus just before 7pm.

A Women's Aid spokeswoman told the Sun that whether or not it is done for shock value or 'for a so-called laugh' or to intimidate victims, it can cause .long-term effects, upset and trauma'.


She said that without repercussions, offenders may get confidence to 'see what they can get away with next time'.

A source told the Sun that the video was 'really disturbing' and 'deeply concerning'.


The Sexual Offences Act 2003 says that indecent exposure is when a person intentionally exposes their genitals - and that they intend for it to be seen which could cause alarm or distress.


The common law offence of outraging public decency is committed when a person does a 'lewd, obscene or disgusting' act while at least two members of the public are present.

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