Mcbrown Reportedly Joins TV3 After Resigning From UTV


Just about a week and a few days ago, it was reported that actress Nana Ama McBrown has reportedly resigned from her role as host of United Showbiz on UTV to venture into fish farming.

This unconfirmed rumour emanated from a TikToker identified as Gloria Enyonam – who hinted at McBrowns resignation in a video she posted on the video-based app.

According to her, the multifaceted screen goddess decided to walk away from her hosting duties due to some unspeakable things done to her during her time as the face of the late-night entertainment program.

In the clip sighted by GHPage, the Tiktoker entreated McBrown, who has been swamped with ambassadorial deals, to focus on her commercials to protect her brand and dignity from further humiliation.

However, the loudmouth Tiktok star failed to emphatically state what broke the camel’s back for McBrown to quit her job but seemingly hinted that McBrown may have dragged her employers – that is Fada Dickson and the management of UTV to court – over the issue.

She is heard saying that McBrown’s employers are facing a hard time resolving the matter amicably as they cannot afford a good lawyer.

After the rumours concerning Mcbrown’s exit at UTV went rife on social media – Another report that surfaced online alleged that Mzgee has been awarded a fresh contract to host UTV’s late-night entertainment program dubbed ‘United Showbiz’.

Although Mzgee has yet to be officially unveiled as the new face of the show but her consistent appearance gives a hint that the reports might be true.

Amidst the brouhaha, a new report from IG blogger Aba_The_Great alleges that Mcbrown has reportedly joined TV3 following her exit at UTV to host her own show.

As firmly claimed by Aba on her IG wall,

McBrown was treated well, paid well and accepted as a family during her work with UTV but she has left all the same.

She wrote;

Nana Ama Mcbrown has left UTV for TV3.. Mzgee aka lady Talata takes over United showbiz as host.. When I first heard the rumor Nana Ama had left, I didn’t want to believe, cus I know UTv was like family, well paid, she was soo comfortable with the owners. Goes to their events, their homes with her husband etc.. I started monitoring her page, I noticed she stopped reposting UTv flyers and anything related to the show n I just knew the rumor was true..
Actress who was later groomed by Utv to become a good host. Well taking care of, This big platform landed her the most ambassadorial deals. In fact Despite group has done you good.
It’s okay to transit and transit large but tv3 was your choice? Ah well.. we wish you all the best.
Welcome Mzgee, lady Talata, you also resigned from Tv3 to Utv, in fact you’ve transit large . Make the most out of it.
Don’t forget, Loyalty is key

Currently, we are all waiting for an official confirmation or dismissal from both Mcbrown and Mzgee. 

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