Meghan Markle Had Ambitions Of Marrying Into Royal Family : Actor Brian Cox Claims



Actor Brian Cox has said Meghan Markle is not as innocent as people believe.


The “Succesion” actor, who calls for the abolition of the monarchy, accused Meghan Markle of marrying into the royal family as part of life-long “ambitions” to find her real-life fairytale.


In an interview with Haute Living New York, the Scottish actor accused the Duchess of being fully aware of the established “system” she became a part of and shouldn’t be shocked by the drama she’s stirred up.


“You can’t go into a system where somebody’s already been trained to behave in a certain kind of way and then just expect them to cut themselves off,” he told the outlet.


“I mean, she knew what she was getting into.”


Cox, a monarch abolitionist, said the Sussexes — particularly Meghan — aren’t quite as innocent as people believe them to be.


The Emmy winner said Meghan “clearly” had an “ambition” when she married Prince Harry that may have sprouted early in her life.


“The childhood dreams of marrying Prince Charming and all that s–t we see as fantasy that could be our lives in our dreams,” he argued.


Cox said Harry and Meghan’s drama with the royal family is just another reason the monarchy should be done away with.


“In my opinion, we shouldn’t have a monarchy,” he said. “It’s not viable; it doesn’t make any sense.


“F–k it, move on.”

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