Lady Confesses To Murdering Her Own 3-Months-Old Baby So She Could Travel To UK


Things are really happening in hidden places and I believe this is even the least of them. What some people do in hidden places is so evil and it tells it all how this generation is really evil.

One way or the other we all have secrets being dangerous or non-dangerous. Each one of us has something which we wouldn’t like anyone to know about it.

A young Ghanaian lady who currently resided in the UK has anonymously confessed that she murdered her own 3-months old baby in order to seek green pastures abroad.

As revealed by the lady without a sense of regret, just when her baby looked 3 months old, her friend told her her UK visa was ready to travel.

Confused and not knowing what to do, she decided to end the life of her baby so that she could be free to travel abroad.

According to the lady, she believes she did the right thing because opportunity, they say comes but once.

This story happened in 2017, which is 6 years now – The lady was helped to travel to the UK by a guy she met online after breaking up with her boyfriend who impregnated her

Take a look at the screenshot below.

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