Michael B. Jordan Declares Drake The GOAT


The Creed III star has declared October’s Very Own the greatest to ever do it. While speaking with his co-star Jonathan Majors for Complex’s “GOAT Talk,” the two got into a hotly-contested debate over who deserves the GOAT title.

“Drake. Fight me,” he told Majors, while weighing between Drake and JAY-Z.

MBJ said he had to go with Drake because of his consistency and relatability. “Consistently for how long, across genres,” he said. “To have an artist, rapper, rap about things that I’ve been through, situations that I can relate to the most, literally… How it relates to me consistently, I gotta go there.”

But it was a close call. “JAY, don’t kill me. I love you,” he added.

He also gave props to Tupac and Biggie, placing them in the “untouchable category.” Majors was surprised by the Drake selection, bestowing the GOAT title upon Hov and Pac.

While Drake may be the GOAT of the rap game, Michael B. Jordan is the king of the box office. Creed III debuted at No. 1 with $58.7 million, the largest opening in the film franchise. The Dreamville-produced soundtrack also arrived Friday featuring J. Cole, Big Sean, Kehlani, and more.

Billboard recently shared its contentious list of the Greatest Rappers of All Time, placing JAY-Z at No. 1 and Drake at No. 8.

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