Military Invade Ashaiman, Brutalize Residents Over The Killing Of Young Soldier | Watch


Some military men invaded Ashaiman early this morning to brutalize residents over the killing of a young soldier.

Over the weekend, it was reported that a 22-year-old soldier was stabbed to death by some civilians in the area.

As a result, these military men stormed Ashaiman in the wee hours of Tuesday while the rain was pouring and started meting out harsh punishments to residents.

The videos on the internet tell a story of civilians being asked to lie on the floor and crawl on their bellies while others received whips on their backs.

One unfortunate man had bruises all over his body and patches of blood on his arms and legs.

The military has been praised by some sections for their brutality and for sending a stern warning to the residents of Ashaiman about their readiness to protect their own. 

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