My Brother Died After Undergoing Rituals From Ajagurajah

A Nigerian man is peeved with a Ghanaian preacher identified as Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah popularly known as Bishop Ajagurajah for allegedly killing his brother.

According to a video sighted online, the Nigerian man claimed his brother before dying confessed to them that he visited the spiritual centre of the popular preacher in a bid to get rich fast.

He mentioned that his brother was living in Dubai until he was deported to Nigeria. Things became tough for him so he decided to come to Ghana to seek spiritual help from Bishop Ajagurajah.

Upon seeing Ajagurajah, he was taken through some rituals and upon completion he was told he will be seeing results very soon.

True to the words of the preacher, his brother started seeing money because things were going on well with him.

But after some years, he started feeling sick and he attributed the sickness to the rituals he performed when he visited Ajagurajah.

Listen to his narration below:

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