Shugatiti Shares Half-Naked Photos As She Challenges American Porn Star King Nasir To A Sex Bout

Ghanaian socialite and famed nudist, Shugatiti caught the attention of American adult film star King Nasir when she bragged in an interview that no man has the potential to satisfy or make her reach orgasm.

Shugatiti, speaking in a chat with celebrity blogger Zionfelix, indicated that she’s been in bed with multiple partners but none of them was able to make her attain climax.

She stated that although she has an insatiable desire for sexual activity, attempting to satisfy her is only a waste of time, however, a man who can match up to her energy during intercourse is sufficient for her to keep up her robust libido.

Reacting to Shuggatiti’s statements, Nasir took to Twitter to send her an invitation to help her experience orgasm.

He has been helping women of all kinds so Shugatiti’s case is nothing serious, writing, “I can help her have an orgasm”.

Unsurprisingly, Shugatiti who is also rumoured to be a sex worker behind closed doors has dared King Nasir to a sexual bout.

In a sharp response, the 32-year-old forewarned the 29-year-old award-winning porn star about her excellent bedroom skills, which will expose his weaknesses.

“Don’t try and die oooo,” Shugatiti tweeted Wednesday night.

But ahead of the highly anticipated bedroom challenge, Shugatiti has dropped some hot flaming photos to showcase her curves that makes men cum easily and cannot make her reach orgasm.

As a celebrated porn actor, King Nasir believes he has what it takes to help Shugatiti reach orgasm and to make a strong statement about his capabilities.

Considering the number of women King Nasir has successfully sent to cloud 9, Shugatiti still believes that she would not have one over her.

As things stand, many people are waiting to see if their sexual encounter will go as planned.

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