Amelli To Face A Lawsuit Over AMBtrends Logo As Seven Even Shoots Up In The International Market


Despite the fact that his brand has now reached the international market, Amelli, a Ghanaian musician and CEO of AMBtends Seven Even Clothing, will face a lawsuit.

The diligent and ambitious Ghanaian personality, who has been dubbed a promising star in the Ghanaian music industry and fashion space, was questioned about his clothing collection logo --- AMBtrends.

Regardless of the fact that he announced a new brand ambassador for his Clothing Line on December 22, 2022, his logo is an exact replica of the Columbus Crew SC logo.

Speaking on the subject, the ambitious CEO revealed that the person who designed the logo did not create something out of nothing, but rather went out and copied an already-created logo for his company.

See below.

Amelli, the CEO, revealed how AMBtrends is working together with Smile Empowerment to help the poor and needy. 

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the graphic designer who created his current logo, as he announced on Twitter about his decision to make an immediate change to his company's logo.

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