Disturbing Video Of Primary School Girl Smoking Cigarette Like Rasta Man Raises Concern

In a shocking and disturbing video circulating online, a primary school girl of about 10 years is seen smoking cigarette at home.

The young girl smoked the cigarette like a Rasta Man. The way she held the cigarette and puffed out the smoke tells it all.

The little girl from the video seemed dazed as she inhaled the smoke from the cigarette which is highly harmful to her health.

The video since it surfaced on social media has raised concerns. Many are asking about the whereabouts of the parents of this child.

The rest have also launched insults on the person who filmed the kid while she smoked.

They say the person who filmed should have rather disciplined the child in the absence of the parents when he/she saw the kid lighting up the Ciga.

View the video here.

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